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Tampere Day fills the city with events – Check out the programme

25.9.2023 Tampere marks its 244th anniversary this year! The city's birthday will be celebrated in the traditional Tampere Day event weekend from 29 September to 1 October 2023.

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Tampere awards to Santtu-Matias Rouvali and Pauli "Pate" Mustajärvi

1.10.2023 On the 244th anniversary of Tampere, Tampere awards were granted to conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali and musician Pauli "Pate" Mustajärvi.  The award recipients symbolise the importance of Tampere culture and music life both in Finland and internationally in a great way. The Tampere awards were presented at Tampere City Hall on 1 October 2023.

Tampere Award granted to Mikko Alatalo and Pekka Paavola

30.9.2022 This year, on Tampere’s 243th anniversary, the Tampere Award was granted to musician and artist Mikko Alatalo and Master of Laws Pekka Paavola. Alatalo was honoured for his considerable contributions for the music scene of Tampere and Paavola for his work for Tampere’s urban development. Both award winners symbolise the long history of Tampere’s urban and cultural development.

Tampere Award granted to comedy crew Kummeli and Honorary Counsellor of Higher Education Markku Lahtinen

6.10.2021 Every Tampere Day, the City of Tampere traditionally bestows an award on distinguished individuals whose life’s work or activities have contributed to the development of the city and the well-being of its residents. This year, to celebrate the city’s 242nd anniversary, the jury decided to present two awards: one to the comedy crew Kummeli and another to Honorary Counsellor of Higher Education Markku Lahtinen. Both of the winners reflect Tampere as a city of high competence and great opportunities but also as a living city full of joy and humour.