Tampereen päivä – Tampere Day was celebrated succesfully

Tampere's 243rd anniversary was celebrated with the traditional Tampereen päivä – Tampere Day event from 30 September to 2 October 2022. Thank you for joining the celebrations!

Tampere was established on 1 October 1779 by Gustav III, the King of Sweden. Tampere celebrates this occasion every year on the first of October and the closest weekend to that date. Events of the day are organised by the city and by numerous third sector actors.

In 2022 the City of Tampere celebrated its 243rd anniversary, Tampereen päivä – Tampere Day, 30 September – 2 October. Thank you for joining the celebrations.

Pekka Paavola and Mikko Alatalo holding the price at a venue.

Tampere Award granted to Mikko Alatalo and Pekka Paavola

This year, on Tampere’s 243th anniversary, the Tampere Award was granted to musician and artist Mikko Alatalo and Master of Laws Pekka Paavola. Alatalo was honoured for his considerable contributions for the music scene of Tampere and Paavola for his work for Tampere’s urban development. Both award winners symbolise the long history of Tampere’s urban and cultural development.

Tampere Award granted to Mikko Alatalo and Pekka Paavola

Tampere Päivä – Tampere Day atmosphere